Casement Systems

Casement Systems date back to the historical era of around 16th century since it started being used. May historical build have been found around Europe to have used these systems. It is a 60mm 3 chamber system with a double sealing protection against dust, wind and rain. The smooth surface reduces hassles of maintenance.

Our wide range of lamination and co-extruded surfaces fulfill the need for all kind of colours. It is sleek and elegant with modern looks and retains the traditional aspect which makes it appealing. They are widely used in residential properties like condominiums, bungalows, school, hospitals and also in commercial settings like factories and business buildings. Its multiple chamber system restricts and insulates heat and sound. Profile section and thickness are designed technically to minimize wastage and reduce the cost.

Sliding Systems

Sliding Systems is a modern way of doors and windows. The doors & windows are made up of two (or more) sashes that slide horizontally on tracks. They can be made wider and taller by adding sashes. They are anti-pollutant and inset free, can be reinforced with lift locks preventing from opening from outside and one can even opt for bug screen (mesh). The Sliding Window System is used if the window should not be turned or tilted for opening. An ideal solution for narrow spaces developed for balcony, terrace and many indoor applications or any type of partition. Metal roller track & low friction adjustable tandem rollers keep panels sliding easily. It is long lasting and serves for years together. These Windows are also available with Heat & Sound Insulated Glass.

The sleek partition gives a very professional look and can be used to separate house from office in the same area. It may be customized according to the client’s requirement and job measurements. Durability and economy factor makes it stand even stronger in the market.

Special Systems / Tilt n Turn

This type of windows, originated from Germany, can either tilt inwards at the top, or can open inwards hinged at the side. These type of windows are of great energy efficiency and allow us to change the window opening as per comfort depending on the time of day and air requirement.

[1] The turn / swing function allows to clean the pane from outside as the outside area is easily accessible from inside since it can turn around. There is no need of ladder.

[2] The tilt function enables draughts in the upward direction resulting in more constant airing thus results in excellent indirect ventilation. If anytime time more ventilation is required then the tilt function opens the window fully using the other method.

[3] The miracle lies in opening window using both the function by a single lever.

[4] It is secure as the entire perimeter is locked into place by the single lever. This style is a good as it is a combination of the classical styles and modern technologies and is extremely versatile.

Galvanised Steel

Steel goes through a chemical process to be alloyed with zinc and be galvanized. There are various process to making this alloy. The best process is hot-dipped galvanization where hot steel sheet pass through molten zinc to make a strong layer of zinc as a coat. This process prevents from corroding and do not get rust easily and becomes more durable and hard to scratch.


1. Galvanizing is a low cost and effective method of giving steel a longer life.

2. It need minimum maintenance so it is low-cost even in long run.

3. Under normal circumstances the average life expectancy is more than 50 yrs and in coastal are it is more likely to be 20-25yrs.

4. It is Reliable and predictable as it is carried out according to Australian / New Zealand Standard 4680, and standard, minimum coating thicknesses are applied.

5. The unique metallurgical structure gives outstanding resistance to mechanical damage in transport, erection and service.

6. Depreciation is low as a Galvanized coating corrodes to steel with providing protection to small areas of steel exposed through damage. Small areas which gets damaged do not need touch-up

7. Galvanized steel is a completely protected material even at sharp corners and inaccessible areas.

8. Galvanized coatings can be assessed by our normal eye.

9. As galvanized steel is a ready to use material and needs no on-site in surface preparation, painting and inspection.

10. A fully protective coating can be applied in minutes independent of weather conditions.